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Moving Services

7 Levels of Service

Johnson's has established for its customers, both residential and commercial a SEVEN-way service plan. This SEVEN-way moving, packing and, storage plan allows each customer to choose the service at a cost that best fits their individual moving needs.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provide Full-service. The team will: Pack, unpack, disassemble, reassemble, and place all items per customer's request.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provide packing and moving. The team will: pack, move, disassemble and reassemble all items per customer's request.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provides moving services, The team will: move, disassemble and reassemble all items, per customers request.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provides moving services. The team will: move, all items per customer's request customer disassemble and reassemble.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provides moving of bulky items only: the team will move, disassemble and reassemble bulky items per customer's request.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provides moving of Bulky items: only. The team will: move all bulky items per customer request, customer disassemble and reassemble all furniture.


Johnson's team of moving and storage experts provide moving service only: separately or with any plan.


If, as it sometimes happens, you find it necessary to store your treasured possession, be sure to call a firm like ours, which has a containerized warehouse and a state of the art fire and burglar alarm system. We have an advantage over old-fashioned open storage warehouse facilities. Yes indeed! Our containerized vaults are dust and moisture free, imperious to insect or rodent damage and even pilfering. And ... they really protect your things from other types of damage, too.

So ... whether you need storage-in-transit, or long-term storage . . . call Johnson Moving & Storage Company. We will be glad to tell you all about our storage programs and explain our service and charges. If you wish, we'll make an estimate of storage cost for the items you plan to store. And . . . there's no charge for this pre-survey service.

We accommodate: Furniture, Clothing, Business Records, Office Furniture, Record Storage, Excess Inventory, Just about Anything!

Discounts are available for: Military, Senior Citizens, Students

Packing Services

We Provide:

* Full Service Packing
* On Site Surveys
* Crating
* Appliance Services
* Complete and Accurate Paperwork
* References

We Stress:

* Quality so that you can rest assured that all jobs will be handled in a professional courteous manner
* Completion of all jobs in a timely and efficient manner
* Customer Satisfaction

We Provide

* Quality Uniformed Personnel
* Clean Equipment
* A Staff that can meet Special Carrier Needs
* Emergency Service
* Bonded and Insured
* Quality Service

Crating Services

Johnson's Moving and Storage also manufactures all sorts of wooden containers. We specialize in producing overseas shipping containers for the United States State Department. We also manufacture two types of storage vaults generally used by moving companies.

Johnson's Moving and Storage crating service is located just a few miles south of the capital beltway in Prince Georges county, Maryland. Our crating service was created to meet the needs of local moving companies as well as the general public who have a need for this type of product. A commitment to quality and service at a fair price are paramount attributes of Johnson's Crating.
Why Buy From Johnson's Crating Service?
Proximity to your company

We are only a few miles from your company location. This enables us to better serve you at the most favorable price.
You save money by not overbuying

We understand that in the absence of our crating service, you would have to go south to purchase your container, thus you may buy more than is necessary and occupy valuable storage space. At Johnson's we are willing to sell only as many containers as you need.
Better prices at Johnson's Crating Service

We closely monitor the wholesale price of lumber on a daily basis, region by region, in order for us to buy at the best possible price and pass the savings on to our customers. (The price does not include freight.)